The protection and improvement of our environment is more than an investment in the quality of life for New Yorkers, it can also benefit our economy for years to come.

Learn more about Andrew's Environmental Policies:

Encourage Communities Plan

Create a Competitive “Cleaner Greener Communities Competitive Grant Program” to Incentivize Sustainable Communities
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The centerpiece of the Cleaner, Greener NY Agenda will be to award grants based upon innovative comprehensive regional plans that coordinate sustainability efforts in housing, transportation, emissions and energy efficiency, among others, and that takes into account the cumulative impacts of prior development. Key elements of this plan will include an emphasis on urban revitalization, development and expansion of the Climate Smart Communities program, a focus on “green” instead of “gray” infrastructure, a coordinated environmental approach with input from environmental justice communities and improved public transportation infrastructure.  

Environmental Protection as an Economic Driver

Create Green Jobs Corps to Make Green Jobs a Centerpiece of Economic Revitalization
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We will partner with partner with local governments to encourage the expansion of local green jobs programs to help New Yorkers get back to work, while simultaneously helping to improve the environment.  In addition, we will create Youth Conservation Programs that provide a unique opportunity for young-adults in all neighborhoods to learn green job skills.

Energy Efficiency

Increase energy efficiencies and renewable energy
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We must dramatically accelerate our progress in achieving greater energy efficiency and improvement to the quality of our environment by making energy efficiency programs affordable.  In addition, we should promote clean air and clean energy by supporting policies that stimulate investment and ensure that New York is at the forefront of the development of new industries that will help improve our environment quality, while also serving to create new, high quality jobs for New Yorkers.

A Commitment to Environmental Justice

Strengthen Environmental Justice
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We must ensure that the public health and quality of life interests of low-income and minority communities are well-represented and we will partner with the environmental justice community to strengthen environmental protections in low income and minority communities.  As Governor, Andrew Cuomo will order greater focus on environmental justice to identify adverse human health effects on racial and ethnic minority and low-income populations and to develop strategies to eliminate practices, which have a disproportionate impact on such groups.   

Specifically, we will require an analysis of health and cumulative impacts of emissions in the affected area and the availability of intervenor fund in any new power plant generation siting law (known as Article X).  We will also work to ensure the continued funding of the Environmental Justice Community Impact Grant Program and consider an expansion of the State’s Environmental Quality Review Act process, including enhanced community awareness of proposed land uses which carry the risk of adverse environmental impacts, and enabling more active and informed public participation.  We will examine ways to strengthen the current Department of Environmental Conservation’s Environmental Justice Policy and foster and strengthen partnerships with community-based organizations that have been successful in cleaning up their communities.

Cleaner, Greener Transportation

Incentivize and Develop Alternative Vehicles and Environmentally-Friendly Public Transportation
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We must explore alternative vehicles and environmentally friendly public transportation throughout the State.  This includes upgrading our rail system for high speed rail, the development and adoption of alternative fuel vehicles, retrofitting of pubic transportation system, including the acquisition of hybrid buses, to improve the environment, and encouraging pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to ensure New York’s streets are safe and encourage these forms of transportation.

Protecting and Preserving Our Natural Resources

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We must work to protect our natural resources by finding creative ways to fight invasive species, protecting open space, a cheaper more sustainable solution to reduce the need for expensive infrastructure projects and partner with local municipalities, non-profits, and residents to preserve urban open space.  In addition, we must keep New York’s parks open for the benefit of all New Yorkers and increase public/private partnerships to ensure that our natural resources are protected and that communities are involved in the stewardship of their local parklands.  We must also promote farmland protection by collaborating with preservation organizations and encourage forward-thinking practices that contribute to the long-term economic sustainability of our farms and address the backlog of uncompleted farmland protection projects.