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cuomo-family-smallAndrew M. Cuomo was inaugurated as the 56th Governor of New York State on January 1, 2011, bringing to state government a lifelong commitment to public service and the proven leadership skills to make government work for the people of the state.

When Andrew Cuomo took office, New York State was suffering from devastating job losses and the flight of businesses. The state government, once a national model, was a national disgrace. It struggled with a $10 billion deficit. Controlled by the special interest lobbyists, Albany put its parochial needs ahead of the needs of the people. And after years of scandal and dysfunction, government had lost the trust of its people.

Governor Cuomo set out a transformational plan to restore New York to greatness and has spent three and half years making that plan a reality.

Under his leadership, New York has had four on-time, honestly balanced budgets that have restored fiscal discipline to the State.

He tackled the State’s high taxes head on. New Yorkers are now paying the lowest middle class income tax rate since 1953. And to create jobs, corporate and manufacturing taxes have been reduced to their lowest level in decades. He enacted the state’s first property tax cap and under the recently enacted budget homeowners will have their property taxes frozen and then cut over the next few years.

He redesigned the State’s economic development strategies to create jobs. New York has created 440,000 private sector jobs over the past three years and has the second highest net job growth of any state in the nation since the recession. Unemployment is down in every region of the state and the overall rate stands at 6.7 percent, the lowest in over five years.

New York has once again seen as the progressive capital of the nation with the Governor’s leadership on issues like marriage equality, sensible gun control, affordable housing, and innovative public education. Click here for more on Governor Cuomo’s record.

Prior to his election, Andrew Cuomo served for four years as New York’s Attorney General. As the state’s top legal officer, he made restoring public trust in government and protecting New York taxpayers the top priorities of his administration.

As Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo brought national reform to the student loan industry, uncovered fraud within the largest health insurers in the country, won landmark decisions forcing the EPA to enforce pollution laws, protected investors from abuses on Wall Street, and made the Internet safer for children nationwide. His groundbreaking investigations into the state pension system ended decades of government corruption in New York and set a model for public pension fund management across the country.

Governor Cuomo has a long record of fighting for justice and championing government reform.

In 1997, Cuomo was appointed by President Clinton as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He had previously served as HUD Assistant Secretary of Community Planning and Development from 1993 – 1997. Under his leadership, HUD was transformed from a bureaucratic backwater rife with waste, fraud, and abuse to a revitalized engine for economic development and unprecedented housing opportunities.  He achieved a dramatic turnaround of the troubled agency, overhauling HUD’s management, programs and governing philosophy. His sweeping reforms won him bipartisan praise and earned HUD the prestigious “Innovations in American Government Award” from the Ford Foundation and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University on three different occasions.   As secretary, Cuomo made fighting racial discrimination a key focus and brought 2,000 anti-discrimination cases all across the country.

Prior to his work in Washington, Andrew Cuomo earned a reputation as one of the country’s most innovative and dedicated advocates for the homeless. In 1986, he established Housing Enterprise for Less Privileged (HELP), which grew into one of the nation’s largest builders and operators of transitional and low income housing. Based on his pioneering work through HELP, Cuomo was appointed by New York City Mayor David Dinkins in 1991 to lead the New York City Commission on the Homeless.

Cuomo first practiced law as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan. He has also worked as a partner in a New York City law firm and was of counsel at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson.

Andrew Cuomo is the second child of Mario M. Cuomo and Matilda Raffa Cuomo.   He grew up in Jamaica, Queens. He graduated from Fordham University in 1979 and Albany Law School in 1982.

He is the father of three girls, twins Mariah and Cara and his youngest Michaela.

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