Safer New York

A Safer New York

Continuing his efforts to make the State a safer place to live and work, Governor Cuomo advanced groundbreaking public safety legislation and implemented policies that will reduce violence and help better protect all New Yorkers.

Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York enacted the SAFE Act, one of the toughest and most comprehensive gun control measures in the nation.  The SAFE Act prevents criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying guns by, among other things, requiring universal background checks on gun purchases, increasing penalties for illegal gun use, mandating life in prison without parole for anyone who murders a first responder, and strengthening the state’s ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.  He also launched Gun-Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) Initiative to provide $13 million to local law enforcement agencies to address gangs and guns using the latest data, technology, and evidence-based strategies.

To make our roads safer and save lives, Governor Cuomo has increased penalties for texting while driving-particularly for young and new drivers and established official “Text Stops” on many of New York’s interstate highways. The Governor also successfully fought for  some of the toughest protections in the nation against drivers with a repeat history of alcohol- and drug-related driving convictions.

Governor Cuomo led a successful effort to expand the DNA databank, making New York the first state in the nation to require DNA samples from anyone convicted of a felony or Penal Law misdemeanor. The expanded database will help prevent crime, convict the guilty, and protect the innocent. The new law also provides defendants with improved access to DNA testing.

In order to reduce recidivism, Governor Cuomo put in place the Close to Home initiative to reduce the number of young people in the State’s juvenile justice system and brought NYC youth placed in upstate juvenile justice facilities back to the City so they can receive educational, mental health, substance abuse and other service needs while remaining closer to their families and communities.

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